ranked from mild dislike to absolute hatred I'm-gonna-bite-your-hand-off
  1. When I have food and don't give her some
    She looks at me with pouty eyes and it's cute for like a second until she starts yapping as if she's a starved mutt who doesn't get fed three times a day
  2. When I have food and give her a little bit
    You'd think this would make her stop yapping but NO. It's like she got a taste of the good stuff and now she can't get enough. I know her thoughts are something like "u dum hooman that I luv I noe u hav mor food GIMME SUM"
  3. When I feed her some of her own food and walk by
    The turd starts growling at me like CHILL I JUST FED YOU SOME DOG FOOD
  4. When I feed her some of her own food and purposely start messing with her to annoy the crap out of her cause I'm mean that way
    Can't blame her for this one