My very first
  1. First off, make this
  2. Clean. My kitchen table which still has papers on it from the first week of school is a top priority today.
  3. Laundry. Cuz, you know, it's super important that I have clean undies for Monday morning. When on ANY other day, I'd just go buy some new ones.
  4. Order pizza. And take my sweet time doing it. What do I feel like? What kind of sauce do I want? Which place has the best deals right now? A full belly is a productive belly.
  5. Read. I downloaded a new free book from Amazon. Must get that read before I can even think about focussing on anything else. Not about to multitask today.
  6. Nap. I'm no good if I'm tired. I can possibly think properly if I'm all droopy eyed from reading my book.
  7. Eat. Yay! Pizza arrived!
  8. Watch TV. I just know someone on my feeds will ruin The Walking Dead for me tonight if I don't watch it exactly when it airs. I'm no dummy.
  9. Sigh. 🙄 Guess I better get started. I'll just see what's on my Pinterest feed real quick...