not in chronological order, just as i remember them.
  1. michael phelps
    what can i was the 2004 olympics. i created my own email address, i still have access.
  2. daniel radcliffe
    i already had a slight obsession with harry potter, and when the movies came out, OOF. i was so in love with him, i started calling him d. rad in my head like we were together. i also tiled my xanga background with the same photo of him over and over again.
  3. ryan gosling
    i had a crush on him when i saw him on breaker high. this crush was revived during my first viewing of the notebook. it has only intensified since.
  4. the blonde guy from bbmak
    i think his name was christian? i don't recall. i used to watch the "back here" and "still on your side" music videos over and over again. he seemed so trustworthy.
  5. nick carter
    i recently watched the bsb documentary on netflix (highly recommend if you were a BSB fangirl like me) and was immediately thrown back into the late 90s and early 00s where the sound of nick carter's voice had me clutching my imaginary pearls.
  6. shane west
    after curling up in fetal position bawling my eyes out in my mom's lap during our viewing of "a walk to remember" at home (i avoided seeing this one in theaters, somehow), i felt things for shane west. he was a hot, misunderstood bad boy.
  7. gregory smith
    zenon's love interest in the critically acclaimed disney channel original movie, "zenon: girl of the 21st century." when they kissed, i wanted those lips on mine.
  8. ryan merriman
    another disney channel actor. smart house + luck of the irish. i met him at a club in hollywood a couple of years ago, after he got the gig on pretty little liars, and enthusiastically (not at all drunkenly...okayyeahthatsalie) told him he was one of my first crushes. he smiled and gave me a hug, then said thank you. he does not look as good as he used to.
  9. jared from zoom
    he was so goofy and attractive. easily the hottest of the zoomers. i felt weird when i found out he died in a car accident a few years ago. :(
  10. jonathan taylor thomas
    i bought a very, very big poster with his face on it at my school's book fair. did you know he was also the voice of simba?