i have been watching a lot of TV lately. working list, inspired by my first viewing of doctor who's "father's day" episode. what are your favorite episodes?
  1. how i met your mother • season 9, episode 16 • "how your mother met me"
    it was awesome seeing the show from the mother's perspective. i loved cristin milioti as the mother, she really was the perfect complement to ted moseby.
  2. doctor who • series 1, episode 8 • "father's day"
    the last 15 minutes of this episode reduced me to tears.
  3. scrubs • season 3, episode 14 • "my screw up"
    dr. cox in this one. heartbreaking.
  4. greek • season 2, episode 22 • "at world's end"
    every time i rewatch greek (it's been at least 3-4x, including first viewing on abc family), i get excited to watch this episode again. the moment cappie finally gets it together and realizes he loves casey, AND THEN HE MESSES IT UP.
  5. the mindy project • season 2, episode 11 • "christmas party sex trap"
  6. doctor who • series 2, episode 4 • "school reunion"
    throwback episodes are awesome. even though i didn't know who sarah jane smith was, it was very easy to follow how significant she was as a companion. "some things are worth breaking your heart for."
  7. doctor who • series 2, episode 5 • "the girl in the fireplace"
    i am a SUCKER for historical fiction and france, and this was such a moving episode...more character development for the doctor & acknowledgement of his (lack of a) name. GAHHH reinette poisson 💘