i hope to add something to this list at least once a week.
  1. lying in the grass at CRSSDfest in san diego, staring at the stars & holding hands with a more-than friend, listening to james murphy throw down a great set
  2. waking up with friend and her little brother at coachella, excited for what the next day held
  3. unsober at the yuma tent at coachella, realizing that i am capable of taking care of myself
  4. laughing in the car at a friend's mixed cd from 2011—tracks included "tonight i'm fucking you" by enrique iglesias, songs from rock of ages, "say you'll be there" by the spice girls
  5. being welcomed into a new group of friends—"the group"
  6. making the decision to leave a job that was no longer making me happy
  7. leaving said job on good-ish terms
  8. reconnecting with an old friend from high school who goes to the same gym
  9. cuddling with more-than friend as he made cute noises
  10. working out and realizing i am more capable of physical activity than expected
  11. seeing self in a video and realizing butt looks good
  12. getting a really good haircut & color by a friend
  13. being complimented on hair by random dude on the street (and not lewdly)
  14. belly laughing in the car with parents on a mini road trip