1. drinking more water 💦
    apparently i am supposed to drink like 5 bottles of water a day. i struggs with this one because it makes me pee so often.
  2. working out 3-4x a week
    trying out this strong curves lifting program with my friend terri :) i am terrible at sticking to workout regimens...
  3. writing a list every day
    i am only on day 3 but oddly feel a lot of pressure already :( it's like once i made this goal, i lost all of the ideas i had...
  4. eating breakfast
    this is harder than it sounds—i always forget to eat breakfast...
  5. getting out of the house at least once a day or every other day
    funemployment can kinda be fun, but i need to find a reason to leave my house so i don't fall into my usual pattern of depression.
  6. journaling
    trying out a thought journal/diary/morning pages to help me deal with my anxiety/depression. hope it works :)