1. yan
    @jydiw started calling me this a few months ago. he is the only person who calls me this and i like it that way. 😊 so don't call me this.
  2. yanet
    post-college nickname. most of my current friends call me this.
  3. damnit janet
    high school ceramics teacher loved saying this. actually, most of my high school teachers loved saying this when i would say something ridiculous in class. which was often.
  4. nette
    only two people are allowed to call me this: my parents.
  5. janet anne
    my legal first name. teachers loved calling me by my full first name, they thought it was fun to say. 90% of people do not believe me when i tell them it's my legal first name, space and all.
  6. bing
    only for family members, including extended. it's short for the filipino word "malambing," which means sweet & docile. my parents half-joke that they should stop calling me this since i am not docile at all, and only sweet sometimes.
  7. j/jae
    high school & college nickname. neutral. only a handful of people call me this. my older cousin also calls me this.
  8. cam jansen
    exactly three people call me this, and they are the only ones who are allowed to. there is a series of children's mystery books whose protagonist is cam jansen. one of the three girls started calling me this and it stuck in that little group of friends. makes me feel nostalgic.
  9. jan
    unoriginal, but acceptable.
  10. tenaj
    my terrible drunken alter ego who does not give a single fuck about you or your feelings and just. wants. to. dance. and drink more. and tell you she's an independent woman who doesn't need your help standing up okay???!?