i'm doing a lot of job-hunting and not a lot of (read: any) dating right now. however, would love to try these the next time i go on a date.
  1. tell me about yourself.
    i never usually ask this question, too vague, but it's interesting to see what a guy would tell you about himself. hmm. i usually ask more specific things like what did you do this weekend, what music or TV do you like?
  2. what are your strengths and weaknesses?
  3. tell me about your previous SOs.
  4. why did things end with your last SO?
  5. tell me about a time you got into a serious fight with any of your last SOs. how you resolve the conflict?
  6. what does a good SO look like to you?
  7. what does a typical day/weekend as your SO look like?
  8. what is your five-year plan, relationship-wise?
    okay, i don't feel comfortable actually asking this one, this one is a bit intense
  9. what reservations might you have with my qualifications as a potential SO?
    also intense, but a successful question as an interviewee.
  10. why do you think you would make a good SO for me?
  11. what are you looking for in your next SO?