i just started a contractor position at google and these are things i am having a hard time saying no to.
  1. free food
    EVERYTHING IS FREE. breakfast lunch dinner snacks EVERYTHING. and the snacks aren't shitty. they have stuff like tcho chocolate, lara/clif bars, dang coconut chips, etc. it is seriously almost impossible to resist.
  2. free bike rides
    you can use any gbike on the campus! and even though the buildings i go to are a 10-minute walk max, i can't help but hop on a bike. it makes me feel like i'm back in college, rushing to a useless ge class.
  3. free "spa" water
    they have fruit-infused waters during lunch. and if i go to different cafes i can't help but sample the various fruit-infused waters. even if i have a full water bottle with me already.
  4. free office supplies
    this is not particularly google-exclusive, but if there are free pens and notebooks, it doesn't matter if i have five already. i am taking at least one of each thing.