Get ready, y'all. This is a fun list.
  1. Fell madly in love
    First official boyfriend in 6 years. Fulfilled New Year's resolution to be vulnerable and open. Happiest I've been in years 💘 (More on this later.)
  2. Found a new job at a company I loved
    As a social media connoisseur, I got the opportunity to work at Reddit, which for me is where the Internet originates (yes yes I know about 4chan). Dream job.
  3. Moved 3x
    My parents moved to Sac. I moved to my friend's house for a bit to figure out next steps, then moved in with my boyfriend (?! after less than a month of dating—btw it went great, we were definitely surprised at how well we lived together), and eventually got my own place in SF in the Mission/Potrero. Aside from the noise since I live on a major street, I love where I live. Natural light, bigger-than-you'd-expect-in-SF apartment, reasonable-for-SF rent, close to climbing gym & downtown.
  4. Fell in love with the outdoors
    I've never been an outdoorsy person but man, climbing has truly been my gateway to this love. I've climbed outdoors a bunch, hiked a lot of really cool things, and camped a lot. Who knew this bookworm turned party girl turned LA snob turned climbing enthusiast would so boldly go full granola? Trust me—very few of my friends saw it coming.
  5. PR'ed my second half-marathon.
    13.1 miles in 2:31. My last one in 2012 was 2:47. Boyfriend ran it in 2:01. So fast.
  6. 2016 was off to an amazing start.
    Note I said "was." Sigh.
  7. Then in April my boyfriend was laid off.
    Major bummer. He's a logical guy, complete opposite of me, so he didn't take this hard, but finding a job as a software engineer in SF proved a little harder for him than the last time he looked for a job. #techwinteriscoming or arguably, already here.
  8. ...and a month later, so was I.
    Team restructuring. Major sad, but loved my experience there and the people I met. I'm a Redditor for life.
  9. Things were really hard for a while.
    I definitely felt like I was falling back into a depression, but my boyfriend was my rock who held steady as my emotions ebbed and flowed every day. We spent almost every day together and I really felt we grew closer.
  10. I turned 27.
    Golden birthday! (Turning the age that the date of your birthday is. e.g. if your birthday is on the 27th, YOUR golden birthday is your 27th.) Spent a very quiet, introspective birthday with my boyfriend and a best friend from college. Contemplated my next steps in my life, as I felt unhappy in my job hunt.
  11. Decided to embark on a new career.
    As much as I loved marketing, I felt like it was time for a change. So on my birthday, I decided to go full steam ahead with moving into HR/People Ops. After working in many types of work places, I decided I really wanted to make the workplace a better place.
  12. My boyfriend found a job he liked!
    With smart engineers and all the things he was looking for in his next opportunity.
  13. So we went on vacation.
    Seattle, Vancouver, Squamish, & Whistler. We did so many fun things together—ziplining, hiking, outdoor climbing, camping. He's my favorite adventure partner.
  14. We got back and all was well.
    Basking in the afterglow of a vacation spent in the outdoors, I felt refreshed and ready to take on the job search again.
  15. And then my boyfriend and I broke up.
    He ultimately believed we wouldn't work in the long run for a few reasons, on what he thought were foundational things we couldn't fix. I disagreed, but in the end, I realized I could also not be with someone who didn't believe in us.
  16. So here I am, jobless and brokenhearted.
    Funemployed (meaning fuck being unemployed) and single (but not ready to mingle).
  17. 2016 has been a helluva ride.
  18. Full of ups and downs.
    To summarize: Got new job & boyfriend then lost both in 7 months. Also add in moving 3x.
  19. And because I'm *hopefully* at my lowest point
    Things could get a lot worse, I keep thinking, like me or my parents getting sick.
  20. I'm due for a whole bunch of good things soon. Right?
  21. Thanks for reading. ❣