a working list of things that make me anxious. what makes you anxious? (thank you @jakebrandman for this list request!)
  1. student loans
    i went to USC and took much longer than expected...needless to say i owe sallie mae my first-born & then some at this point.
  2. snakes
    it's not like i encounter them a lot, but the thought of snakes makes my stomach turn. i have had many nightmares revolving around snakes.
  3. social gatherings where i don't know anyone or only know one person
    i get nervous before—what if i don't fit in? what if people don't like me? what if i do that thing where i am just a little too overbearing/excited with convo and people are like, "ew don't invite her next time. she's weird." according to my friends, i hide this very well bc i assimilate to groups very well, but jesus christ, the anxiety before is rough. this probably stems from being an unpopular kid.
  4. long road trips with my parents
    because i know it means that at some point, we will get into a VERY serious conversation about my career or my love life or anything else they can critique me about (as of late, it's been my lack of financial responsibility) and LOOK I JUST DON'T WANT TO HAVE THAT CONVO TRAPPED IN A VEHICLE.
  5. going to the gym
    i am determined to figure out the weight room, but as a not-unattractive female attempting to lift heavy weights, it's really intimidating to walk in there and pretend you know what you're doing.
  6. cooking a new recipe
  7. posting a selfie on social media
    is this too narcissistic?
  8. having feelings for someone
    please tell me i don't need to explain this one. my insecurities about what i bring to the table, whether or not someone likes me as much as i like them, etc. alone are enough to make me want to swear off romantic relations forever.
  9. women's bathroom lines
    seriously if i have to pee, it has to happen NOW.
  10. when people text me K