Netflix is resuscitating the beloved WB/CW nearly 8 years after it took a (lackluster!) bow and I have all the thoughts about the younger Gilmore Girls' career options...
  1. She's a paid political talking head for CNN where she's desperately seeking to connect with her hero Christiane Amanpour.
  2. She's on the democratic campaign trail covering Hillary Clinton for BuzzFeed, where she's embattled with an editor who's constantly inserting gifs of Clinton into her sharp political commentary stacked with cultural allusions. She worries she'll never be taken seriously, as she dreams for a gig at the New York Times.
  3. After spending three years with her daughter (who she's had with Jess who left while she was pregnant!) she's the toast of the Mommy Blogosphere with the creation of her literary annotation site for busy moms and/or career women who don't have time to read but must pretend they do. Think: The Skimm or Rap Genius for the literary set.
  4. She's head of communications for Lorelai's chain of boutique B&Bs. Working with mom and Sookie has led her to drink her coffee with two shots of Baileys.
  5. She's in business in someway with former frenemy turned confidant and main competitor Paris Gellar on something that has nothing to do with politics and/or medicine. I see them creating something in the beauty or fashion industry which they radicalize with their feminist stance....like a more liberating SPANX or concealer product.