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Every summer @drewworsham and I live in San Diego with 100+ college students. We make it our mission to hit the best restaurants in town every year and discover new ones along the way.
  1. Streetcar Merchants of Fried Chicken, Donuts & Coffee
    It's worth the drive. Melt in your mouth fried chicken & waffles and gourmet donuts.
  2. Whole Foods for Bubbie's Mochi Ice Cream
    I haven't been able to find it anywhere else. It's delicious! They also have Stumptown cold brew coffee on tap.
  3. The Taco Stand On Pearl Street
    The surf and turf burrito brings me to tears just thinking about it. It's that good.
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I'm turning 26 this year and I'm trying to stop telling even little white lies like "I'll be there in 5" or "I'd love to come to that party!" I want to say what I mean and mean what I say. So here's a confessional of lies I've probably told you before.
  1. "Oh I don't care. We're just playing for fun."
    No we most certainly are not. And if you are, you are exactly the type of person I don't play games with.
  2. "I'm not picky. Wherever you want to eat."
    I am picky. I just don't want you to think I'm high maintenance. The three options are always pizza, sushi or Tex-Mex.
  3. "I'd love to go hiking with you."
    No. I have plans already. It doesn't matter what day it is, I already have plans.
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Almost every single argument of my marriage looks totally bogus from the outside. Almost as bogus as using the word "bogus" in 2016. There is real meaning and conflict under the surface, and it's never funny in the moment. But it's funny now. (I think.)
  1. The One About Guacamole.
    We had a financial argument in line at the Division Street Chipotle in Spokane, Washington. Over $1.95 Guacamole. I sobbed in the parking lot & we had to reconsider our entire family budget.
  2. The One About the Kayak.
    This is an ongoing argument regarding my athletic (in)ability. But it peaked when my husband laughed when I said that my ideal day would begin with kayaking. He laughed because he thought I was joking. I cried. Because I was not.
  3. The One About the Blue Cake.
    This one made it all the way to counseling. I refused to get out of the car because I didn't want our counselor to know how dumb and real this fight was.
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It's a hard-knock life for a small, hypochondriac unathletic Asian-American woman.
  1. Tattoo parlor
    You don't have to look at me long to realize it's not a good idea to poke me with needles.
  2. Any non-Starbucks coffee establishment
    Can I get a grande.. I mean.. Medium-big-ish cup of... Uhhhh..... water?
  3. Designer stores
    They can smell that I'm not one of them. And my TJ Maxx wallet shouts, "there's no money in here! Just a Safeway rewards card and a bunch of coffee shop loyalty stamp cards!"
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I'm endearingly high-maintenance.
  1. Be a loud whisperer.
    You're only making things worse. You may feel like you're being quiet but you're not. Please text me or wait until it's appropriate or if it's an emergency call 911 and whisper your heart out to the operator.
  2. Tap me to get my attention.
    I have eyes and ears. No need to engage a third sense to announce your presence.
  3. Make me carpool long distances with other humans.
    9 times out of 10, I will find some kind of excuse to take my own car. I have a deep fear of being stuck somewhere against my will.
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Your nasty vegetables are safe with me. (Burn this list when I have children, as I will lie to their faces and pantomime eating this green stuff that's so "good for them."
  1. Melons
    Cante-dont. Watermel-gross. Honeydew-not feed me any melons. I'll gag.
  2. Mushrooms
    I can't put my finger on why exactly these sneaky little guys are so gross.
  3. Pickles
    Once my mom bought me a chick-fil-a sandwich with pickles and I wouldn't eat it. She told me I was a brat and to just take the pickles off, but sometimes just thinking of the smell of pickle residue is enough to make me queasy.
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I'm a well-informed, pop culture savvy, culturally competent 25 year old. Keep that in mind as you read the next confession: Somehow I've slipped through life without having seen any of the Star Wars films. These are my chronological thoughts and predictions while watching "A New Hope"
  1. These Gollum/Oompa Loompa minions that just shot R2D2 are probably not bad, just confused. Their voices are too cute to be bad. Anybody know who these little red cape guys are working for?
  2. Jk they're bad. They put him in some kind of robot graveyard. Like Toy Story at that bad kid's house with all of the mangled toys.
  3. The whole movie is a prequel to Wall-E.
    They're picking up trash and compacting it just like that little robot.
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  1. All of them.
    Even the Christmas album.
When I watch movies with my husband, I type out my predictions so that at the end I can prove to him how clever I am. It's adorable and not annoying and he loves it. These were my predictions about Shutter Island. They have not been edited. They are exactly what I typed in my Notes during the movie. *Spoilers inside* Go watch the movie first.
  1. Aspirin and cigarettes drugged Partner in on it. Asked to be assigned. Gun issue
    Complete thoughts are hard when you're trying to predict the movie but also watch it at the same time.
  2. He is actually in a mental facility? Not positive on that one.
  3. It's like memento where he actually killed his wife, but his coping mechanism is like Rachel's and he has created this alternate reality to solve the crime that actually had already been solved.
    I think this was what actually happened, but I don't remember.
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I force him into unreasonable but necessary oaths often.
  1. "Promise me that I'll die first."
    I'll cry every day if Drew dies before me, and won't remarry despite my many admirers that will likely sprout up from my past.
  2. "Promise me that when I die first, you won't remarry anyone younger or cuter than me."
  3. "Promise me we can leave the party when I want to."
    He has yet to keep this one. He's an engaging, slow exiter with social grace. I'm a self-proclaimed ghoster who wants to leave every party almost immediately.
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