When I watch movies with my husband, I type out my predictions so that at the end I can prove to him how clever I am. It's adorable and not annoying and he loves it. These were my predictions about Shutter Island. They have not been edited. They are exactly what I typed in my Notes during the movie. *Spoilers inside* Go watch the movie first.
  1. Aspirin and cigarettes drugged Partner in on it. Asked to be assigned. Gun issue
    Complete thoughts are hard when you're trying to predict the movie but also watch it at the same time.
  2. He is actually in a mental facility? Not positive on that one.
  3. It's like memento where he actually killed his wife, but his coping mechanism is like Rachel's and he has created this alternate reality to solve the crime that actually had already been solved.
    I think this was what actually happened, but I don't remember.
  4. WW2 revenge? Some German nazi that actually survived now works at the camp and wants revenge on Leo.
    Those flashbacks were confusing to me.
  5. They don't really want the prisoners to get better. The communists are running the prison and the prisoners are their version of the Hydrogen bomb, imploding craziness when needed on the rest of the world. They are grooming them to stay crazy under the guise of helping them. Then when they need to, they'll unleash them.
    My father is a conspiracy theorist and the apple doesn't fall far...