1. 1972
    Son of my Father by Chicory Tip. Disappointing as I was neither a son nor did I have a father.
  2. 1973
    Cum on feel the noize. It's nice to know that people were changing the spelling of words back then and it's not a completely new thing.
  3. 1974
    Devil gate drive by Suzi Quatro. Good stuff. Even at 2years old im sure I was rocking a mullet and double denim
  4. 1975
    Make me smile (come up and see me) Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel: I was 3 then, I guess everyone who came up to see made made me smile. Or poop or whatever 3 year olds do
  5. 1976
    December '63 by The Four Seasons. What? There's way too many numbers in this. I was terrible at maths, no wonder.
  6. 1977
    Here we go, I was 5 but punk was huge and the Jam had just started. This must have contributed to my love of music. Leo Sayer,when I need you. Uncool but I bet Mariah or some other Diva (or. Me) could do this justice
  7. 1978
    Abba: take a chance on me. Not one of my Abba favourites. Number 2 was Figaro by Brotherhood of Man. That was more fun. Oh oh Figaro you got somethingo owahowah