1. Always carry two pens.
    One for you, and one for someone who forgot theirs. This one's from my dad.
  2. Talk to him before it gets worse.
    That's any "him" in any situation, professional or romantic, once you feel a relationship starting to go wrong. Wait too long, and it just gets harder.
  3. Learn more about football/basketball.
    I don't understand fantasy football. Or March madness. And therefore there are a host of work convos I just can't take part in, except to be adorable and clueless. And I don't like seeming clueless (though I do love being adorable).
  4. Listen more than you speak.
    Hard to follow, but yes.
  5. After putting a business contact on hold, even if you were running the call, when you return to the call, always ask "Where were we?" Don't just jump back in.
    This seems obvious. But again, I'm a talker so needed to learn this.
  6. Remember to select "never delete" the minute you watch a fave episode of your fave show. Or it may very well get deleted.
  7. Don't wear your contacts longer than eight hours/day. Invest in a cute pair of glasses.
    I was getting weird eye headaches. My ophthalmologist told me my eyes were "starved for oxygen."
  8. Ask "Is there anything I can do to help?" Even when you're sure there's not. Because maybe there is.