1. You're disgusting.
  2. You're not well-maintained.
  3. You're always under construction.
  4. Your women's restroom outside the five gate junction in the Delta terminal only has three stalls for literally 200 women - why?
  5. There's a place called Ruby's Dinette trying to imitate a 50s style diner but it's surrounded by scaffolding - why?
  6. Everywhere smells like old man farts, from the bathrooms to the planes.
  7. Everywhere resembles a middle school cafeteria, from security to the gates.
  8. You're both too warm and too cold.
  9. You're both too big yet too cramped.
  10. You're disgusting. But you get me where I need to go.
  11. The water in the water fountains tastes like honest to god pee
    Suggested by @roseschlossberg