I'm sure this list will extend. I'm inly getting more crotchety as I age. Plus I'm neglecting my kids to type this.
  1. Ulysses--Joyce
    Ugh how many times have I tried this? I keep thinking it's an inside joke on the part of the Literati.
  2. Anything by Jane Austen
    I know. A traitor to my X chromosomes. I just can't get through them. Any of them. I even tried Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but there was still too much Austen and not enough zombie.
  3. The Goldfinch--Tartt
    I was so excited. I've read The Secret History so many times. I couldn't even get through the first third. And yet people are lauding it like crazy. Whatever. Life's too short to slog through a shitty book. Especially one that size.
  4. Canada--Ford
    Just. So. Slow.
  5. Anything by Dickens
    So many words, man. Seriously.
  6. And Faulkner.
    Though maybe I should give him another try. I'm so much wiser now. Riiiight.
  7. Catcher in the Rye
    Hear me out---Salinger nails the entitled voice of a teenager. Nails it. Well done! But that doesn't mean I have to like reading about Holden. I wasn't super nuts about him as a teenager. I can't f'ing stand him as a grown adult.