I found an old journal. In it was this list of books I had read.
  1. Static
  2. Most of these were books of my mother's that I appropriated.
  3. Sister Angel
    I don't remember this.
  4. Black Like Me
    I remember this
  5. I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can
    True story about Valium addiction???
  6. Chekhov
    I think I was referring to a book of his plays.
  7. Cracker Factory.
  8. Last Enchantment
  9. The Jesus Factor
    Fiction. That long range nuclear missiles never, ever worked and countries are all just covering that up.
  10. A Stranger in a Strange Land.
    Science Fiction - sort of. I was entranced by this story. Recommend.
  11. Doonsebury.
    Cartoons? Janna does that really count?
  12. Katherine
    Katherine who? I don't remember.
  13. The Beguiled.
    Civil War soldier comes upon a house of lonely women.
  14. Scoundrel Time
    Lillian Hellman's account of the McCarthy Communist Witchhunt.
  15. An Unfinished Woman
    Another Lillian Hellman memoir.
  16. Scenes from a Marriage.
    I think it had sex scenes
  17. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
    Maya Angelou memoir. Highly recommend
  18. King Lear
    What kind of name is Goneril?
  19. Henry the 8th.
  20. The Last Convertable
    There was a car?
  21. Centennial
    Michener. Long.
  22. When She Was Good
    Was she?
  23. Dial 577 RAPE
    Don't remember
  24. Survive the Savage Sea
    ? True Story ?
  25. Gates of Fire
    I just don't remember.