Inspired by @jennifergster
  1. I've been list lame lately so @jennifergster DM'd me to see if I was okay.
  2. Anyway I told her how my hubby was gone for weekend at xmas party while I was (happily) home alone but with my mom.
  3. She asked if I had any nice plans for me and Mom
  4. Hmmmmm
  5. I should do something.
  6. Especially since my man called me to brag about the Prime Rib at the party.
  7. I love red meat.
  8. So off I go to the market and two steaks and a nice bottle of wine.
  9. Later the same day.
  10. I open the wine and pour myself a generous glass.
  11. And take out the steaks. Season with salt and pepper and leave them the come to room temperature.
  12. I preheat the broiler
  13. Sip some more on my wine while I watch Love Actually.
  14. Get up to put the steaks in.
  15. Hmmmm. I thought I left them on the counter.
  16. Check the fridge. No there.
  17. Spend a half an hour looking for the steaks. Y'all my kitchen ain't that big.
  18. Contemplate the idea that I've caught my mom's dementia.
  19. Step out into the back yard
  20. Find the wreckage
  21. Did I mention I have four dogs.
  22. 3 little twits and 1 perfect boy.
  23. Meet Stretch.
    Previously known as perfect dog
  24. The only one who could reach the counter.
  25. Soup for dinner
  26. Sigh