Invest 99L
  1. Will this become a hurricane?
    It's not even a tropical depression yet.
  2. Will it hit us?
    After the 22 inches of rain that just fell I don't think we can handle it.
  3. Start checking Weather Underground on an hourly basis.
  4. Start our shopping list now.
    If you wait until it's certain there will be no food left on the shelves.
  5. Pat myself on back (is there an emoji for that?) for rescuing the generator from drowning in husbands shed.
    Should we load up on gas now? #flammable liquids scare me
  6. Check weather again. What do the spaghetti models show?
  7. Hope with all your heart that it doesn't hit us.
  8. Then feel guilty about wishing it would hit somewhere else.
  9. Wonder why the Invest Numbers are all in the 90s.
  10. Realize how important meteorology has become in my life.