This inspired by my previous list begging for TV suggestions to help me and my husband get through his recovery period.
  1. Should spouses come with a warranty?
  2. I have been married less than seven years.
  3. In that time my husband has had...
  4. A hip replacement for his left hip
    Followed by
  5. A hip replacement for his right hip
    And then
  6. Back surgery for a herniated disc
  7. And a diverticulitis attack that hospitalized him for three days.
  8. Well I wouldn't trade him for anything and I made the choice to marry a man 14 years my senior.
  9. But we watched A LOT of television.
    I've also acquired a new skill of reading while the television is on.
  10. And when he's high on painkillers he calls me Nurse Goodbody. 😁
  11. Static