It's the First Amendment baby💕
  1. Okay try to bear with me here.
  2. I belong to a religion that does not have a "God".
    So I can get nervous about people trying to tell me the way society should be because "God" says so.
  3. Let's talk about Mary Dyer.
    I spent ten years, give or take, researching and writing a screenplay about Anne Hutchinson ( the original "Nasty Woman") and Mary Dyer.
  4. Mary Dyer came to the Massachusetts Bay Colony just a few years after it was founded.
    She became a good friend of Anne Hutchinson.
  5. Then Anne got in trouble with the local authorities because they didn't like what she was saying and they REALLY didn't like how many people were paying attention.
  6. Actually everything Anne was saying were the teaching that the Puritans had espoused.
  7. Grace vs works.
    I had to delve quite deeply into Christian theology to understand this. Please forgive me if a butcher a very deep concept here.
  8. Grace is Gods presence in your heart while works are the actions that one should take in accordance with that presence.
  9. The rulers of the colony began to get nervous because they felt if people relied on Grace there would be trouble because people would rely on their own judgment and not the strict ass rules that that the Puritan leaders were wanting to be adhered to.
  10. So read up on Anne because the story is fascinating.
    Selma Williams book Divine Rebel is very good.
  11. Anne was eventually banished from Boston and when she left many prominent families also left.
    She wasn't a lone menopausal maniac as I was taught in school.
  12. Mary Dyer and her husband left and moved to Rhode Island.
  13. Some years later On a trip to England Mary became a convert to what was known as the "Quaker" faith.
    The Quaker faith was based on the concept of "inner light". God's presence inside of one. Similar to, but not exactly, the concept of Grace.
  14. Mary's ship home from England landed in Boston and she and another Quaker woman were immediately thrown in jail.
    Their crime was being Quaker
  15. Eventually Mary's husband William found out and he came to fetch her. Promising the Massachusetts authorities that she would never step foot in Boston.
  16. The authorities in Massachusetts then made a law that no one who was Quaker was allowed in Massachusetts. Upon pain of death.
    Why? Because it was rebellious to think one could rely on "Inner Light" rather than what the Reverends and the governmental authorities told one.
  17. So Mary, opposing the unjust law, steeped foot in Massachusetts.
  18. She was arrested. She and two male Quakers from England were sentenced to death.
  19. The three were marched out to Boston Commons and ropes were put around their necks.
  20. The two men were hung in front of Mary and then she was given a reprieve and quickly hustled out of Massachusetts.
  21. The next spring she returned. She was arrested.
  22. Over and over she was told as long as she would agree to leave and never return, she would be released.
  23. Mary said she would be happy to oblige as soon as they overturned the unjust law.
  24. For a second time Mary ascended the scaffold and a noose was fitted around her neck.
  25. She was hung.
  26. Shorty thereafter, Mary's home colony of Rhode Island was the only colony that wrote its own charter. Into that charter was written the guarantee of Religious Freedom.
  27. That was used as the basis of our own First Amendment.
  28. So let's keep it eh?