I may have over indulged Friday night. Yesterday my Mom asked me to take her to the store. The only thing my household needed was a loaf of bread.
  1. I was appalled this morning when I opened my cabinet.
  2. I should be shot.
  3. Sugar much.
  4. Let's break it down.
  5. 2 family size packages of Nutter Butters
    Buy one get one free. Sooo
  6. Six! Count em! Six bags of Fancy Pants mini crunch cookies.
  7. But they were on sale.
    I saved $3.00 dollars a bag.
  8. Cherry Vanilla Ice cream
    My husband's favorite.
  9. TWO pints of Haagen Dazs Tres Leche Brigadeiro ice cream.
    It was two for $5.19.
  10. Brewers Hot Fudge Sauce
    Also on sale.
  11. Breyers Caramel Sauce.
  12. Two boxes of Salted Caramel Brownie mix.
    In my defense, one of these is to make for a friend who did us a big favor. The other is well....
  13. 4lbs of sugar
    In case I decided to make above mentioned friend something from scratch. It could happen. 😬
  14. 2 boxes of Nutri Grain breakfast bars.
    Defense; they're for my Mom.
  15. Four Thick Cut Pork Chops
  16. In my defense; I may be stupid but apparently I'm quite thrifty.