I have a Facebook account that I look at twice a year. Other than that no social media whatsoever
  1. I saw BJ Novak on CBS morning news.
  2. I wasn't really paying attention.
  3. Then they showed @GayleKing list WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER
  4. And I was intrigued. Those kind of lists I can get behind.
  5. So I downloaded the App.
  6. And got hooked.
  7. One of the first lists I read was @jacqueline. A SERIES OF THINGS MY CLASSMATE HAS SAID
  8. .
  9. Being a stuck at home caretaker TLA has been a godsend.
    Book recommendations, smart people, funny people, Trump despisers, thoughtful people, kind people, challenging people. Plus I learned more about One Direction than I ever thought possible.