Happy Valentine Day @ceil. 💃. @lesbian thank you for giving me this opportunity to appreciate Celia.
  1. C is for creative.
    Look what she did to the Rock.
  2. E is for entertaining.
    All of her lists are. Check out the barbershop one. You'll be glad you did.
  3. L is for lovely
  4. I is for incandescent. She is.
    Just read her bio.
  5. A is for awe inspiring.
    Just look at her profile picture.
  6. Here is one of her outstanding lists. https://li.st/l/7DKDkNF1Aaiai2eMlhCkIE
    But really treat yourself and read all her lists. There are only 17 and each one is a gem.
  7. I hope that YOU Celia have a day that is lovely as you.
  8. Chocolate.