I'm gonna try to make this my last list about this subject.
  1. A prayer of gratitude
  2. And a prayer of protection
  3. For the (so far) 3 women who have come forward to admit they were groped by Donald Trump.
  4. All three stories have been corroborated by people the victims told at the time.
  5. So thank you brave ladies for speaking out.
  6. Their names have been published.
  7. So you know that they are about to get death threats and other harassments from some deplorable people.
  8. So sending out to the universe ( that's what I personally pray to) thoughts of gratitude and protection.
  9. You know for each one who speaks up there are probably many more who can't or won't.
  10. All these women are also in my prayers.
  11. Maybe you'll join me.