Is Janna. I was born 51&1/2 years ago. So outside the box names were really outside the box. Inspired by @alexim
  1. I have an older brother named Michael. If he had been a girl my Mom was going to name him Susan.
  2. By the time I came along all my mom's friends had named their daughters Susan.
  3. So she said " Screw that, I'm going to name her something no one else will have.
  4. So I'm Janna
  5. Middle Name: Adele
  6. Adele is after my Godmother.
  7. So until I was nine I thought my middle name was Auntadele!
  8. And I really like my names, even though they were weird when I was growing up. I thought they were beautiful.
  9. Thanks Mom❤️