1. Stretch. We got him to keep Roscoe company when beloved Dulcie died.
    He's sulking right now because he didn't get to go to work with Papa.
  2. How Stretch got his name.
    The shelter called him Hitch so it's kinda close
  3. Also sulking.
  4. Pancho. We got him to keep Stretch company after beloved Roscoe passed. Named after Pancho and Lefty song.
    Be careful what you ask for. He's a dogs dog and will only cuddle with humans in the morning.
  5. Bella. I was bored one day and just went to the Shelter and brought her home. My mother, who pre dementia was indifferent to dogs, promptly decided Bella was hers. It's a beautiful and entirely dysfunctional relationship.
  6. Stripe. Started feeding this neighborhood cat after she had kittens on my driveway.
  7. Orangina. Stripe's remaining kitten.
    I'm hopeful that the others were adopted by others in the neighborhood.
  8. Unknown amount of kittens that Stripe just spawned under my shed.
    I KNOW😬I was going to try and get her spayed but by the time I had her trust she was preggers.
  9. 13 fish. So I got my mom an aquarium because I read it was good for dementia patients. Then because I was obsessed with it my husband gifted me my own aquarium.
  10. 5 fish in Mom's aquarium.
    Not pictured cuz Mom is sleeping.
  11. Bonus photo update on this list. LOOK AT MY GODDAMN TREE !!!!