@sarahmccoy, who is from Arizona by the way, knows how to Li.stmas
  1. I'm not saving the best for last because this is soooo amazing it deserves its own list
    A Sam friggin Elliot Christmas. ornament. 😍❤️😍. WOULD YOU DO SAM ELLIOT?
  2. Okay so the package arrives and I'm confused. I knew I was sending an SECRET SANTA. But I forgot that meant I was getting one too.
    Just check out the top left corner.
  3. A li.st ornament. You know your jealous. A li.st Ornament.
    Hand painted.
  4. Static
    So here's my xmas tree. Can't stop smiling 😀
  5. Speaking of trees.....
    Check out this postcard she sent of a 10000 lb cactus 🌵
  6. And then I opened these.
    @sarahmccoy pays attention
  7. Now I got some cookies. 😛
  8. Got Milk?
  9. And check out this
    A cookbook with stories. This will need it own list.
  10. I'm so filled with Christmas 🎄 spirit now. Thank you @sarahmccoy
  11. And to @DawnCloud Thank you very much
  12. Giphy