Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I was quoted in the Washington Post when I was in fifth grade.
    I said something stupid about how the tall buildings made me dizzy. In my defense they did. What we thought was a field trip was actually a study of urban vs rural kids. We were the hicks from Vermont. Vermonsters
  2. My shoulder is in the movie Frida.
    We shot the New York scenes in Mexico City and we needed more gringo looking extras. The hair and makeup lovies spent hours on me and in the end all you can see is my shoulder behind Salma Hayak in the movie theater.
  3. I was a featured extra in the movie Trust the Man.
    The director and I walk out of Magnolia Bakery in the montage sequence. I'm in the puffy blue coat. My mom and niece went to see and I asked if they saw me; they said no but they saw my car. My car has been in lots of movies, it's the one with the Vermont plates.
  4. Tom Brady wore my makeup.
    Ten or more years ago. A commercial with Derek Jeter and Tom Brady. And I ask who's Tom Brady? Then he walked in and I'm like damn it I'll have to start watching football. Anyway they hired a hairdresser to do hair and makeup. And I kept telling the director that Tom needed powder because he was shiny. And the hairdresser looked at me in pure panic. I got you. Pulled out my Clinique and gently applied. I'm sure I broke union rules