Moved here 5 years ago from New York City
  1. Pro: it's very warm in late February
  2. Con: it's blisterdicking hot in June, July, August, September, October and sometimes November.
  3. Pro: I can drive to the grocery store.
    This means I can buy as many heavy items as I want because I don't have to carry them home.
  4. Con: I can't walk to the grocery store.
    I miss walking.
  5. Pro: People are very friendly.
    Strangers say hi when you pass them in the grocery aisle.
  6. Con: people are very friendly
    I'm from NYC, this can be very disconcerting.
  7. Pro: it's very laid back.
  8. Con: there's nothing to do.
    And if there is its gonna be outside and it's too hot.
  9. Pro: the cashier just called me Boo and I liked it.
  10. Con: She probably calls everyone that. I'm not that special and adorable.
  11. Pro: Drive Through Daiquiri Shops.
    If you come visit I'll take you there.
  12. Con: Drive Through Daiquiri shops
    People are killing each other everyday on the roads.
  13. Pro: they have a festival for everything down here.
    If you come visit I'll take you to a festival. How about the Shrimp and Petroleum festival?
  14. Con: it's too hot to go to a festival.
  15. Pro: Cajun food.
    Gumbo gumbo gumbo
  16. Con: Cajun food
    Hell no I don't want crawfish étouffée on my steak!😝
  17. People here like to party.
    Not in a gross falling down drunk and puking everywhere kind of way but more like a joie de vivre kind of way.
  18. Con: there's nothing wrong with that.
  19. Pro:
    I can't find one to contrast with the following.
  20. Con: The politics
    Don't look at me like I'm crazy for looking at you like your crazy, you just told me that Rush Limbaugh is always right. 😧🙀