Inspired by @lesbian
  1. Destial or Wincest
    Had to google this soooo...
  2. Would I fuck Harry Styles?
    I love candy bars. So yeah.
  3. Lungs or Ceremonials
    I need my lungs and I'm not really into ceremonies soooo
  4. I can't even find that little alien in my emojis
    And I don't know what it means soooo😂by default
  5. Ginger ale ?
    Is a very important beverage. Particularly when nauseous. I can even make my own homemade ginger ale. But I still like 🍷better.
  6. Do you masterbate?
    Yes and I loved it both times.
  7. How many times a day do you question your sexuality?
    0 zero none zilch. I don't question it, it just is and I like all the ways it manifests itself. Sex and sexuality are life affirming no questions asked.
  8. If you were going to make me fall in love with you with a song, what would it be?
    Do you realize? By the Flaming Lips. Please go listen now @lesbian
  9. Favorite High School Musical
    Never seen one but I think Corbin Bleu is delicious
  10. An old, culturally irrelevant old fart is who I am. Sorry BYe