1. Some of you know that my mother lives with us and she has dementia
  2. This can be frustrating.
    So much of her seems to be disappearing.
  3. But a few minutes ago I looked over at her. She was reading a magazine.
  4. And I am so grateful that she has lost that. She is still a voracious reader.
  5. Even if it's from subtitles on the tv.
    She'll read them aloud to us.
  6. Anyway the gift of book love was given to me by my mother.
  7. When I was about 8 years old she decided to read one chapter of Call of the Wild to my brother and I each night. So the first night she sat down and read us the first chapter and then kept going until she read us the rest of book.
  8. Growing up whenever my Dad was out of town my brother or I would ask "Can we read at the table tonight"? Most times she said yes.
    It was win/win.
  9. Reading has been my refuge my whole life. For better or worse.
  10. And I am so grateful for that and many other gifts my mother has given me.
    And I need to remember this.
  11. And I pray that Mom retains her ability to read for as long as is freaking possible
    And if she can't I'll read to her. Win/win
  12. Soooooo. Read On MomDuff
    Oh that was soooo bad 😝