Three long weeks since my husbands rotator cuff surgery.
  1. Sugar Mountain
    Some youth faking that they are lost in the Alaskan wilderness. Didn't even watch long enough to see hottie from GOT
  2. This GIf so you won't be tempted
  3. Arsenal
    How do I begin to describe how awful, cliche, violent and lazy this movie. Nic Cage has made some dubious choices in his career but shouldn't Cusack know better? Should have at least spent some of their blood and gore budget on a dialect coach as it takes place in Biloxi but not a single southern accent.
  4. To reiterate, there are so many better ways to spend 45 minutes (trust me you will not watch the whole movie).
    What my family calls an MM - must miss.
  5. Rules Don't Apply.
    This one is alright. Great cast. I wouldn't call it "deeply satisfying" but strangely charming. Not awesome but worth watching. Lily Collins is wonderful.
  6. Life on the Line
    Watched it because my favorite stepson-in-law is a lineman. Never been a huge Travolta fan but found myself strangely attracted to this hairy, burly version of him. Highly improbable plot but if you want to, go ahead and watch this one. Unfortunately no version of Wichita Lineman is on my The soundtrack.