Requested by Brett 7


  1. 2323 Santa Rita Road.
    Worst place but I wrote a poem about it. Go ahead say it out loud: it's pretty.
  2. Union Park South- Boston
    Adorable We were the only non-Greeks. Our view was the Bolt and Screw factory sign. Which we renamed Screw and Bolt after our sex lives. Best roommate ever.
  3. Ray Hill Road. Wilmington, Vermont.
    Beautiful sounding- beautiful surrounding.
  4. 12 Dongan Place. New York City.
    My awesome ground floor, rent stabilized, two bedroom apartment across from Fort Tryon Park in NYC. My apartment overlooked a garden courtyard and the building was filled with opera singers. Nothing like a Sunday afternoon nap with opera recitals wafting through the window. Sigh.
  5. Some place in Santa Fe that I can't remember.
  6. Lots and lots of places that I don't remember the actual addresses.
    Breckinridge, Colorado, Incline Village Nevada, Highland Lakes, NJ, Brighton, MA. Somerville, MA. Benicia, CA. Concord, CA. Sagami Hara, Japan.