Okay @nathanveshecco I didn't have any stuffed animals when I was a child.
  1. I'm sure I would have liked to have some, but I just didn't.
  2. But don't feel sorry for me.
  3. I had books.
  4. I learned to read in first grade and never looked back.
  5. I was famous for always reading in the car.
    I didn't tell anyone that in fact it DID make me nauseous but I didn't care.
  6. I read ALL the books in our house.
    Even the grown up books. Including Fear of Flying when I was 10.
  7. I read and re-read all the Little House on the Prairie books.
    I wanted to be a pioneer girl. Drastically hoped to be magically transported back.
  8. I was in love with Johnny Tremaine.
  9. And don't get me started on The Narnia Chronicles.
  10. I was an awkward outcast of a child.
  11. But I had my friends, they were my books. 💕