Dipping my toe back into making lists. Only slightly intimidated by the new li.st notification feature.
  1. This morning I was making myself a baked potato for breakfast.
    Because I can and why the hell not😬
  2. I was contemplating on what to put on my potato
    Oh heck out of sour cream... Can I use cream cheese instead?
  3. And I found myself reminiscing.
  4. In the mid eighties I took a trip to the Greek Island of Mykonos with some friends.
    Actually, we were supposed to go to several Islands but never made it because we were having such a time.
  5. So my friends told me about a little take away place that sold only baked potatoes.
    Which made me wonder if I could find a nice Greek boy and settle permanently on this magic island.
  6. I was skeptical when my friends insisted I order this particular potato but I obeyed.
  7. It was a HUGE baked potato
  8. With garlic butter
  9. Then a layer of egg salad
    What???? I don't even particularly like egg salad
  10. Then topped with melted Monterey Jack cheese
  11. So 30 years later I have not forgotten this awesome potato that was the best I ever had.
  12. Maybe I should try to make it at home?
    But I might screw it up and then the magic might be lost forever.