FREE AGENT DRAFTS. Inspired by @natanya
  1. Let me first say they were all very, very hangry.
  2. Ugarte started it all by being all braggy about his "letters of transit"
    But he dies.
  3. Little Renault was devious as all get out.
  4. Rick was just trying to stay out of it.
  5. But then here comes Ilsa.
  6. And Sam played that damn song.
  7. Laszlo wanted Rick to help him.
    But Rick was like "hell no! You've got my girl".
  8. Strasser is insisting on his playlist.
    No one likes those stupid German songs.
  9. Laszlo fires up his own sound system
    Rick gives him the go ahead.
  10. Ilsa wants Rick to help her.
    They take a break to reminisce about Paris
  11. Rick agrees to help Ilsa so that she'll leave Laszlo.
  12. But then Laszlo tells Rick to take Ilsa to safety.
  13. Renault is still being sneaky and Rick agrees to help him get Laszlo for good.
    They set a trap.
  14. Ilsa thinks she gonna be on Team Rick forever.
  15. But Rick proves he can out devious even Renault. Laszlo gets away.
  16. And Rick gives up Ilsa for a cause more important than himself.
  17. Renault stays devious but decides Rick is the best bet.
  18. Here's looking at you kids.
  19. The entire last scene of Casablanca was shot in an airplane hanger.