Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I was working on a lower budget movie in Maine.
  2. I was living in the Director's parents vacation home.
  3. One morning he asked if I would be willing to drive this ancient Jaguar sports car to set. Because I drive shift.
    Yes I'm that awesome.
  4. This car is fantastic. I'm not a car buff but I feel like a 50's movie star.
  5. It's Autumn in New England.
  6. At the end of the day the Director has to start the car for me.
    Something about the choke (I thought only boats and lawnmowers had this issue.
  7. So we(director and me) are sitting in this low slung car discussing progress or lack thereof in scenes shot.
  8. I need to tell you I'm dressed in heavy clothes. A twenty pound coat and holding the very heavy continuity script on my lap
  9. Suddenly I look out into the autumn twilight.
  10. "Is that smoke"?
  11. Holy shit!! There is smoke emanating from the engine.
  12. The director hops out of the car.
  13. But not me. I'm stuck.
  14. The door won't open.
  15. I slam myself repeatedly against the door.
  16. It won't open. 😱
  17. As I concurrently estimate how many seconds I have until the car explodes and how many seconds/minutes it will take me to clamber over stick shift and bucket seat to other door.
  18. Meanwhile I've been abandoned by director.
    Important lesson here, will process later if I am still alive.
  19. Life does not flash before my eyes.
  20. Fear and adrenaline stinking up the air.
  21. One last shove on the door.
  22. I make it out.
  23. Lesson. Don't park on leafs in a low slung car that has an oil leak.
  24. Car did not explode
    But how was I to know?
  25. I'm alive.