Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I was 17 and had just graduated High School.
  2. The rule was I cannot spend the night at my boyfriend's house.
  3. He lived with a bunch of other guys in a house referred to as The Ranch.
  4. I loved him.
  5. I loved sex.
  6. I thought the rule was stupid.
    After all my mom knew I was sleeping with him.
  7. But as long as I lived under her roof...
  8. So one day I told her I was camping out with my friends.
  9. She bought it.
  10. I camped out a lot that summer.
  11. One morning I came home and found this note from my mom.
  12. Dear Jannychan, I hope the hot water you're in isn't causing you too much discomfort. Love Mamsie.
  13. Oh Shit 😱
  14. Oh Shit.
  15. Then she came home
  16. 😬
  17. I tried to act like 😇
  18. And good thing too
  19. She was just mad I hadn't washed the dishes.
  20. Phew 😅
  21. And I kept on camping
  22. 😺
  23. Or did she really know but pretended otherwise because she thought the rule was stupid too?