I'm not talking about the American Automobile Association.
  1. Wilmington, Vermont.
    Population 2000.
  2. May 1982
  3. My senior year.
  4. We're plotting our senior skip day.
  5. School Assembly suddenly announced.
  6. What's the police chief doing here?
    Is he going to preemptively arrest us for skipping school?
  7. The KKK is going to have a rally in our town.
  8. WTF
  9. Why?
    We're just farmers, ex hippies, and ski bums.
  10. Police Chief explains that we shouldn't go to rally to counter demonstrate.
    This group just wants attention; don't give it to them.
  11. It's the Connecticut chapter of the KKK.
    Our term for Connecticut tourists is Cone heads. But this is ridiculous. I was going to put a photo here of those men in their ridiculous hats. Can't bring myself to do it. Use your imagination or not.
  12. English class after the assembly.
    What are we going to do? We don't want the world to think we accept this! But we don't want to play into their hands either.
  13. We can't do nothing!
  14. A plan is hatched.
  15. I spend my senior skip day in school.
  16. In the art room; making posters.
  17. The top looked like this.
    F1a9076c edbf 425b 8b8b 8550af04204d
  18. The bottom looked like this.
    29c21b95 7027 4a15 891f ba169701c20a
  19. We then stapled them to every light pole leading in and out of our one stoplight town.
  20. Late the night before the rally.
  21. The attendant at the 24 hour gas station notices a car.
  22. The men in the car are stopping at the light poles and ripping down the signs.
  23. He calls the police.
  24. The police come to investigate.
  25. The men have guns in the vehicle.
  26. They don't have permits.
  27. Off to jail with you.
  28. And that's how the Grand Dragoon and his cohorts missed their own rally.
  29. And our town made the New York Times.