Inspired by @Boogie
  1. I went to High School in Pleasanton CA and Wilmington VT. The school population of Foothill High School equaled the population of my entire town in Vermont
  2. CA: Colored pants with Hawaiian shirts
    My best friend Carrie and I had a routine for slapping our thighs and chest while chanting Colored pants and Hawaiian shirts. We were punks so wouldn't be caught dead.
  3. CA Styx
    Again ugh
  4. Saying "cherry" instead of cool or good.
    The cherriest boys shortened it to cherr . So Carrie and I started using "Sofa".
  5. Vermont: Ozzie Osbourn.
  6. CA and VT : smoking pot.
    No thanks I'm sleepy and paranoid enough on my own.
  7. Vermont: Leg warmers
    Only trend Ive ever set in my life. In my defense winters in Vermont are cold.
  8. VT: watching General Hospital after school.
    I only got CBS reception so I was a Guiding Light girl. (Yes people, I'm that old that I existed before the widespread advent of cable TV
  9. CA: football.
    John Maddens son was in my grade and was freshman quarterback of Varsity team. Didn't matter, team never won.
  10. VT: Soccer: our team went to State Finals.
  11. CA : Gunny Sack dresses
    Since I had a hidden desire to be a pioneer girl these were okay by me.
  12. VT: Levi 501 Jeans.
  13. VT: Sorrel boots
  14. VT. Stray Cats
    I did introduce them but soon even the die hard Ozzy fans couldn't resist the infectious beat.
  15. Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane. 😁