@TheSteve oK you're fiendish. I'm sorry it has taken me so long but seriously nearly impossible to figure out how to write this list.
  1. At first I thought maybe I could just list all the beautiful list appers like @shanaz and @lesbian But then I was worried because I wouldn't want to leave anyone out.
  2. This request comes from my list app bio which reads "this is not my beautiful list".
  3. It used to read-"this is not my beautiful life".
    A tweak on lyrics from The Talking Heads- Once in a Lifetime.
  4. Because I feel like this is true.
  5. 5 years ago I had awesome, exciting, challenging career.
  6. Then I got injured on the job 4 years ago.
    And I can't do that job anymore more.
  7. And I am in pain most days.
    But not horrible pain so don't worry.
  8. And then 3 years ago we realized my Mom had some form of dementia.
  9. So we moved her down here to live with us.
  10. She has gotten worse and I can't leave her alone for very long.
  11. So I'm stuck in the house a lot.
    And feel my brain turning mushy from lack of use. And feel my heart breaking about my Mom.
  12. And I've lost motivation.
    I want to contribute to the world. But how?
  13. Soooo that's why.
  14. But now here are some beautiful things
  15. It's Mardi Gras season
    Soooo King Cakes
  16. List app has recharged my creativity.
    And I'm now working on a new writing project.
  17. And I've gained weight but just look at my CLEAVAGE.
  18. Wow List App won't let me post photo of my awesome but completely decent cleavage 😏