1. Mom you have a doctor's appointment today, so you should take a shower.
    Another lovely symptom of Alzheimer's is an aversion to bathing.
  2. Mom: "I took a shower last night."
    No she didn't but one learns to never argue with dementia.
  3. Me: "Okay, but since your going to the doctor it would be polite to shower".
  4. Half an hour later. "Mom you should shower now, we have to leave soon".
  5. Mom goes to her room. 15 minutes later I check with her. No shower.
  6. "Mom are you going to shower?"
  7. "I really don't want to, but I will".
    I go get dressed. Half an hour later, check on Mom.
  8. No shower. No time.
  9. Take Mom to Doctor. Find out they pushed appointment two hours but since I never answer my phone....
  10. Take Mom home and fix her lunch. Don't even suggest a shower because...
    See above.
  11. "Okay Mom, time to go to doctor ".
  12. Mom: "I can't go to the doctor!! haven't showered"!!!!
    Said with 100 percent sincerity.
  13. Me: 😩😩😩