Inspired by @Grosstastic
  1. One pair of underwear (men's or women's) that Pancho sneaks out of the laundry basket and drags through the mud in the backyard.
  2. One eviscerated squeaky toy
    We've done the hard work. You're welcome.
  3. One spawn of the She-Devil who haunts the front yard.
    Why has Human Lady taken to feeding these abominations?
  4. One picture of our favorite actress.
    Her name kinda rhymes with TREAT so we go into spastic raptures when we hear her spoken of.
  5. One can of our favorite Meryl Streep.
    Just. The. Best.
  6. One special rock chosen by Pepper
    No reason to leave these where Human Lady put them. Let's spread them around.
  7. One Newsletter from Stretch on how to be the perfect dog and win lots of Meryl Streeps.
  8. One roughly used blanket that Human Lady has bought for couch but surreptitiously repurposed by Human Man for doggie beds.
    Includes complimentary layer of dog hair in white, yellow and brown.