What Would Be at My Craft Services Table

Thank you @mallofamanda for this most excellent list request.
  1. For those who don't know craft service on a film/tv set is where the snacks are.
  2. Why all the snacks? Because people who work on set are there for 12 to 16 hours a day and cannot leave.
    Don't get me started on the insane and unsafe working hours on film sets😡
  3. Fresh NY City Bagels. These will be sliced by me so you don't risk cutting yourself.
    With several varieties of cream cheese, fresh sliced tomatoes, purple onion and lox.
  4. Ripe-in season pears, lovingly sliced by me and promptly passed around on set.
  5. Cabot cream cheese mixed with Green Mountain Gringo Salsa served with tortilla chips.
    This is yummy.
  6. Fresh Mozzarella with ripe tomato slices, drizzled with olive oil.
  7. A selection of gourmet cheese
  8. Sliced Proscuitto, sliced salami, sliced ham.
  9. Hot Tater Tots.
  10. Today's New York Times Crossword puzzle.
    Let's do it together.
  11. When we are working outside at 3 in the morning I'll bring around hot bowls of wonton soup from a local all night Chinese restaurant.
  12. When we are working outside on a hot summer day, you will have juicy watermelon slices.
  13. If @mallofamanda shyly asked me one day if I ever had her favorite candy bar, she would find it on the table the next day.
  14. An encouraging smile and a hug if you need one.
  15. A cappuccino machine.
    It's all about the caffeine
  16. La Croix water. Of course. All the flavors.
  17. Fresh Strawberries dipped in chocolate
  18. A basket of puppies
  19. Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies
  20. All the Junk Food.
  21. Pictures of my goddamn tree!!
  22. The wifi password of the business next door.
  23. I should probably include a bowl of these.
  24. Confetti
    Because of li.st update