This is a list that I am ready to present to all you that view it.
  1. I supported John even when he was problematic
    Yall know what I'm talking about.
  2. I have all of John's studio albums.
  3. I spammed John for 3 years, every month, 500+ times.
    Suck it.
  4. I promote John's music in every serious or non serious conversation.
    I was once asked to describe what Gravity was and I said a really good John Mayer song and I got in trouble. #JohnMayer2k16
  5. Whenever I meet new people, they don't know who John is, they look him up giving him more views on YouTube.
    Suck IT!
  6. Whenever I see a bad article about John, I send a complaint.
  7. I have a Mrs. Mayer shirt.