Al the movies I've seen from 2012 (so far) ranked
  1. Moonrise Kingdom
    Ranks with Fantastic Mr. Fox as the very best from Wes Anderson, and quite frankly some of the best stories put on film. Anderson continues to take us into a world we all wish we were apart of, and shows us people that we are all inside.
  2. The Avengers
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    It's like all my childhood dreams were taken from my brain and cast upon the screen.
  3. Dredd
    Wow! All i can say is WOW! Urban is perfect as Dredd, the film has so much style but it it better for it and it doesn't hold back at all.
  4. Looper
    Great Sci-Fi about just great movie. Rian Johnson is a genius.
  5. Safety Not Guaranteed
    Funny and heartfelt, a quirky story that takes us in and makes us believe.
  6. The Cabin in the Woods
    Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Takes you right where you want to go. Then tempts you with the amazing possibilities.......then takes you there. Defies the genre!
  7. Skyfall
    Re-invention of Bond and every second Bardem is on screen you can't take your eyes off of him.
  8. The Raid: Redemption
  9. Zero Dark Thirty
    Gripping history brought to life, watching the dedication and sacrifice people make in the name of good is amazing, and your on the edge of your seat the entire time!
  10. Silver Linings Playbook
    Great comedic moments help to lift the mood and you leave the movie with a smile, even though you already know the ending.
  11. Argo
    Watching the history happen in front of you, it's refreshing to know that people out there can do good. Affleck is a genius behind the camera.
  12. The Dark Knight Rises
    Nolan chooses a great story to adapt into the final act of his trilogy, and the pieces are all set in the correct place, in the end something is just missing and he can't quite hit the same level in the follow up of the greatest Batman film of all time.
  13. The Queen of Versailles
    Engaging picture of a class of people so hopelessly out of touch and far gone that they can do nothing to stop their free-fall. A sickening portrait full of delusions of grandeur, one that you can't stop watching. Why is it again that people hate America?
  14. Lincoln
    Lewis becomes Lincoln, the cast is amazing, and the moments of humor help make it feel like your watching history, not just the history channel. Oscar nods to Lewis and Jones. I didn't particularly enjoy Sally Field's performance though.
  15. Cloud Atlas
    Gigantic and thought provoking.
  16. V/H/S
    Like a found footage Twilight Zone movie, some segments work better than others, if they would have shaved off 15 minutes it would have increased the overall enjoyability.
  17. The Hunger Games
    Lawrence dazzles in a dystopian nightmare, she makes us feel for her through the entire film, and we all rejoice in the end!
  18. Hellbound?
    Thought provoking.
  19. Lawless
    Tom Hardy is excellent as usual, Gary Oldman and Guy Pearce are great, but I just can't seem to take Shia LeBouf serious.
  20. The Bay
    Slowly paints a picture and ratchets up the tension without ever becoming unbelievable, maybe the best use of the found footage genre to date, ultimately leaves you extremely unsettled about what you've just watch......and you won't want to go into the water afterwards.
  21. Django Unchained
    Funny, brutal, superbly acted by everyone involved and although it's almost 3 hours, it breezes by, perhaps Q.T.'s best movie to date, and it actually has something to say.
  22. End of Watch
    One of the best buddy cop movies, possibly ever?
  23. Compliance
    Ranks right with Requiem for a Dream as one of the hardest movies ever to watch.
  24. Lockout
    He's a loose-cannon! He's a relic! It's die hard + escape from NY + alien + demolition man + commando + probably a half a dozen other movies, Maggie Grace can't act, the CGI is terrible, the "twist ending" is dumb........BUT BY GOD, GUY PEARCE IS SO CHARISMATIC AND SNARKY!!
  25. Goon
    Funniest sports movie since Happy Gilmore? Maybe even Major League?
  26. 21 Jump Street
    This is how you take an old property and bring it into the new century. Laugh out loud funny and sharp.
  27. Killer Joe
    Extremely dark and graphic, and does have points where you are laughing at the absurdidty, however I would have rolled my eyes and turned the movie off halfway through if not for McConaughey's performance, which is Best Actor quality. He is the calm and cool killer of everyone's worst nightmares, his charismatic brand of evil makes you unable to turn away.
  28. Seven Pyschopaths
    Like a really dark Adaptation. The rare movie that makes you laugh while thinking "so wrong." And I would watch Sam Rockwell in anything.
  29. The Hole
    Joe Dante can still make magic on the screen, the movie has a heart and scares and make you feel like your back in the 80's (like Super 8). It's Goonies meets Insidious with a little Gremlins mixed in by the way of Eeire, Indiana. Mr. Dante, don't stay away from your wheelhouse for too long.
  30. The Expendables 2
    Improves on the first outing in every way. VanDamme is awesome!
  31. Life of Pi
    It's depth and meaning, while still there, can't reach the level of its visuals, which, in the end overshadow the story itself.
  32. The Man with the Iron Fists
    It may be stupid, I don't need 50 split screens, I don't need flashbacks to 10 minutes ago in the movie and it may have waaaay to many characters for 100 minutes of movie, but the fights are well done, there is blood and decapitations, and someone's eye gets punched out....and Russell Crowe has a knife that is a gun that shoots throwing stars!
  33. Ted
    Hits every note it wants to, it's only sin is dragging a little towards the end.
  34. Kumaré
    Interesting premise, showing how people are ready to believe anything and everything, and more importantly, how sometimes just believing in something can help change lives.
  35. Chronicle
    Scifi and found footage done right!
  36. Prometheus
    Enjoyable, yet you also finish the movie thinking we waited all this time for this.....?
  37. Wreck-It Ralph
    Takes a brilliant idea and does great things with it.....yet at the end I am left feeling as though I should of had more.
  38. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
    With The Lord of the Rings I wanted it to keep going and going, in The Hobbit, I just felt like it was stretched.
  39. Sinister
    Hawke does a great Nicholson, and the 'jump' scares are good, but not quite as good as Insidious.
  40. The Campaign
    2 master craftsmen trying to out class each other.
  41. The Amazing Spider-Man
    It's not a bad reboot, it's just......why.....why are we starting from scratch.....why are we wasting so much time?
  42. Bernie
    Black becomes the character, turning someone who is now in prison into the most sympathetic Subject possible.
  43. Les Miserables
    Pretty good, but I don't need every single word sung, and I definilty don't need extreme close-ups every two minutes.
  44. The Innkeepers
    Slow burn creepy.
  45. Friends with Kids
    Laugh out loud moments, mixed with bittersweet reality.
  46. Contraband
    Gone in Sixty Seconds......but with less Cage.....and evil Ribisi! It thinks it's slicker than it actually is.....and is about 20 minutes too long.
  47. Total Recall
    Although Farrell can out-act Arrrhhhnold and Cranston is his normal awesome (although criminally under used), the film on the whole feels soulless and hollow, and Jessica Biel immediately makes me want to zone out.
  48. Seeking a Friend For the End of the World
    Doesn't quite know what it wants to be and suffers from a lack of focus.
  49. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
    I feel like if this had came out when I was 15 I would think its the greatest movie ever made.
  50. Safe House
    Reynolds and Washington are formidable.
  51. This Is 40
    I have a feeling if I watched again, now that I have 2 kids I would like this even another 10 years I'll like it even more more.
  52. The Three Stooges
    Not a terrible adaptation....not a great one either.
  53. The Grey
    Would be ranked a lot higher if we had gotten another 10 minutes with a follow through on all the promise.
  54. The Dictator
    I have a feeling Cohen will never hit the heights of Borat again.
  55. The Five Year Engagement
    It's just long.....and depressing....and not funny enough, especially considering everyone involved.
  56. Brave
    Pixar has a high bar, unfortunately that means films of Brave's caliber come off looking a lot worse than they probably actually are.
  57. Asylum Blackout
    Not a terrible way to spend an hour and a half.
  58. The Woman in Black
    I just don't know if anyone will be able to make a really great Gothic horror movie ever again, that era has just passed us all by.
  59. John Carter
    2012.....the year of Taylor Kitsch.......a year to forget? In al honesty it's not that bad, it's no Savages or Battleship.
  60. Haywire
    If Carano could act better this movie would be a lot higher, unfortunately she is front and center and it highlights her weaknesses, unlike Fast and Furious 6, where she is given a lot less and we get a lot more.
  61. Savages
    So much promise......if your not going to have any characters we like or care about you need to have a tighter story....I feel like Stone just tried to out Tarentino-Tarentino.....and fell right on his face.
  62. The Vow
    Id rather watch the notebook..... For the 100th time.
  63. Chernobyl Diaries
    Commits the biggest sin a horror movie can's boring.
  64. The Collection
    A big time movie that wants to be the next saw.... And that should of been on cable tv.
  65. Wrath of the Titans
    What a's pretty good looking.....but still a mess. Half the time you can't even tell what's going on.......but it's still pretty good looking....
  66. Battleship
    It's like Michael Bay (Armageddon & Transformers), Roland Emmerch (Independence Day), Peter Weir (any movie about boats) and Peter Berg (any big loud hokey dumb movie) had an orgy and spit out a bunch of special effects surrounding Taylor Kitsch (because Hollywood is going to make sure he is our next big Josh Hartnett in the early 2000's!!!) , Brooklyn Decker (because Michael Bay said you need a hot chick that can't act?), Rhianna (becuase.........why not?) and Liam Nesson (why not!)
  67. The Dinosaur Project
    No, no, no, no, no.