1. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
  2. In a few days we will have all moved on from this and started fighting about bathrooms or walls or food stamps, until this happens again, and again. We speak so much about caring about life and protecting it, yet this will change nothing, and how do we know this?
  3. Almost 6,000 deaths so far this year by gun violence.
  4. Over 12,000 injuries
  5. Over 250 children 0-11 have died this year from guns.
  7. Almost 1300 children 12-17.
  8. Suicides are harder to find info, but the most recent number I found was almost 22,000 suicide deaths with a gun in 2014.
  9. Put aside your political leanings, put aside your NRA membership, put aside how much you think the 2nd amendment gives you the right to have a weapon people 250 years ago could of never imagined, put aside your face, color, creed, social standing, economic standing, put aside your religion or disdain for religion.
  10. Can we at least agree that we have a problem?
  11. Do you have a child? A grandchild? A husband? A wife? A mother? Father? Brother? Sister? Cousin? Niece? Nephew? Best friend? Coworker you care about?
  12. Yes? Then you should care about this problem.
  13. I don't let fear dictate my life, but at the same time I fear for my family, until we admit we have a problem and actually want to do something about it we are all living in a state of danger.
  14. In this case I have no optimism.
  15. I have seen this happen way to many times.
  16. And I will see it again.
  17. And again.
  18. It's insanity.
  19. Static
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